Wanna keep your smile looking bright? Choose between the two dental options administered by Aetna. No ID card required—just enroll and then give your dentist the Aetna policy and phone number. Now say “cheese,” and show off those pearly whites.

Aetna PPO

The Aetna PPO plan lets you receive care from any dentist, but you’ll pay less and your annual benefit will stretch further when you use an in-network dentist.

Aetna DMO

Under the Aetna DMO plan, you have access to a limited number of dentists. You must select a dentist from the DMO network, and all care must be provided or prescribed by that dentist. But with no deductible or annual benefit limit, your benefit dollars will stretch even further.

Cost of coverage

Whether you enroll in the Aetna PPO or Aetna DMO, there’s no cost to you if you enroll in employee-only dental coverage. Planning to cover dependents? See how much you’ll pay each paycheck.

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Coverage overview

 Aetna PPO (In-Network)*Aetna DMO (DMO Network Only)
Deductible$50 individual   
$150 family   
No deductible for preventive care and orthodontia
Calendar-year maximum benefit$2,500None
Preventive careCovered at 100%   

Does not apply to calendar year maximum benefit
No charge
Basic careYou pay 20%No charge
Major care (inlays, onlays, crowns, bridgework, dentures)You pay 40%You pay 40%
Orthodontia (children and adults)You pay 50% (lifetime maximum benefit is $2,500 per covered member)You pay 50% for 24 months of active treatment and 24 months of post-treatment**

* If you use a non-network provider, the services will be paid at the reasonable and customary rate (the maximum paid for a specific service or procedure in your area).

** You must not have started treatment prior to enrolling in the DMO plan.


Know before you go

For treatment more than $300, have your dentist submit a predetermination of benefits so you know how much Aetna will pay before you receive services.

Discounts and savings to smile about

Caring for your mouth is an important part of taking care of your overall health. As an Aetna member, you get discounts on dental products and much more. Here are just a few ways you can save.

CVS Health® oral health care products
Save an extra 10% on select CVS Health oral health products (including sale items), like teeth whitening products, mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Z Dental oral care & personal protective equipment
Get discounts on Aetna-branded Z Sonic toothbrushes and replacement brush heads, oral health care kits, face coverings and no-touch thermometers.

Colgate® products
Enjoy savings on a Colgate Whitening Kit and Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush.

At-home products
Get a discount on blood pressure monitors, pedometers, activity trackers, pain relief devices and other products.

Healthy lifestyle choices
Save on gym memberships, health coaching, fitness gear, wearable fitness devices, group fitness classes on demand, and more.

Weight management
Get savings on weight-loss programs and meal plans, and enjoy one-on-one support. Personalized menus, online tools, and chat rooms.


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