Your 2023 plan costs

When you’re selecting the best medical, dental, and vision plan for you and your family, it’s helpful to know how much you’ll be paying. Check out the rates below to see how much will be deducted from your paycheck, based on your plan and who you’re covering.

How you pay for coverage

A couple of things to keep in mind:

Paycheck costs are deducted on a pretax basis each pay period. If you leave Autodesk, your last paycheck will include deductions for any remaining pay periods within the month you leave.

Paycheck costs for domestic partner coverage are deducted on an after-tax basis. The cost for any coverage subsidized by Autodesk will appear as taxable income on your paystubs, also known as imputed income.

Employee contributions

These rates apply to full-time and part-time employees. Note there are 26 pay periods each calendar year.

Employee only

Employee plus spouse/partner

Employee plus child(ren)

Employee plus spouse/partner and child(ren)