Home, auto, and pet insurance

Funny thing about unexpected events: You just never know when they’ll strike. But with a solid insurance plan, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing you’re always prepared. Whether it’s your cat or your car, your Rottweiler or your rental, auto, home, and pet insurance can help you protect the things that matter to you.

Protect your possessions

Farmers GroupSelect offers insurance for a wide range of personal needs, including auto, home, renter’s, condo, boat, personal excess liability (“umbrella”), RV, landlord’s rental dwelling, fire, and mobile home. You can apply for discounted insurance anytime by calling 1-800-438-6381 or visiting Farmers GroupSelect.*

* Autodesk does not send employee data to Farmers GroupSelect. If you have any difficulty with Farmers GroupSelect verifying your eligibility, you’ll need to enter an Autodesk One case to be escalated to the Benefits Department.

Protect your pets

Treat your dog, cat or Komodo dragon like they’re part of the family—because they are. Nationwide’s pet insurance plans now feature more choices and more flexibility to help meet your needs.

  • Pet insurance covers accidents and injuries, illnesses and diseases, poisonings, and some hereditary conditions.
  • Get cash back on your vet bills. Choose from two levels of reimbursement: 70% or 50%.
  • Use any vet, anywhere. No networks and no pre-approvals needed.
  • Pay the same price for pets of all ages. Your rate won’t go up just because your pet had a birthday.

Want to learn more? See how pet insurance can help cover the cost of a vet visit and read the FAQs.


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