Legal insurance

It’s not every day you buy or sell a home. Or need to put together a will or trust. But when that day comes—and it probably will—you’ll be glad to have a legal pro at your side. With legal insurance, attorney fees for most covered matters are 100% paid when you work with a network attorney.

What you get

When you enroll in ARAG UltimateAdvisor legal insurance, you’ll have access to:

  • A network of more than 93,000 attorneys who can provide legal advice, explain legal issues, and help you review or prepare documents
  • Financial education and counseling services by a certified financial counselor
  • Legal advice related to caregiving for parents and grandparents
  • Identity theft protection services
  • Tax, family law, and real estate advice
  • Up to four hours of assistance with other eligible legal issues
  • Plan documents from the ARAG library

ARAG all-employee access

Even if you’re not enrolled in legal insurance, the ARAG learning center can help you handle legal issues on your own by giving you access to DIY Docs®, online financial tools, guidebooks, and hundreds of articles to help you learn more about everyday legal issues.


Pro tip: You can only enroll in legal insurance as a new hire, during open enrollment, or if you experience a qualifying life event, and it will cover only prospective legal issues.