We know the satisfaction you get from working at Autodesk is almost compensation enough. But you still need to pay your bills and secure your future. We’re committed to providing a competitive compensation package—including base pay and variable pay—that rewards individual contributions and overall company performance.

Base pay

Autodesk understands the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent and, therefore, offers a competitive base salary.

Variable pay

Depending on your role, you may be eligible to receive variable pay, which includes:

Autodesk Incentive Plan (AIP): The AIP is Autodesk’s annual bonus program for eligible employees who do not participate in a sales commission plan. AIP funding is determined by the company’s business performance as measured by key financial goals. The actual amount you receive is determined by your individual performance, time in position, and target earnings for the year.

Commissions: Eligible employees participate in a sales commissions plan. Each eligible employee receives a target for cash compensation (on-target earnings, or OTE) for the achievement of expected levels of performance (i.e.,100% of quota). OTE comprises two components: base salary and commissions.

Recognition: Long-service and exceptional-performance awards are delivered through our Applause platform. Eligible employees can receive e-thanks, points that can be redeemed for gifts, or cash (Autobucks).


Restricted stock units (RSUs): If you’ve recently been promoted or your performance has been exceptional (go, you!), you may receive RSUs, which are like a promise to receive Autodesk stock in the future if certain conditions are met. RSUs are one of the ways Autodesk says thank you for your contributions. They can be viewed in your E*TRADE account.