Vacation for hourly employees

Time is of the essence. You give a lot of yours to Autodesk, and we want you to take some for yourself. If you’re a non-exempt employee (paid hourly and eligible for overtime), you accrue vacation time to use when you need it.

How it adds up

If you work 40 hours per week, you accrue 10 hours of vacation per calendar month, which equals 15 days of vacation per year.

If you work 20–39 hours per week, you accrue a prorated percentage of 10 hours of vacation per calendar month, based on your scheduled weekly hours.

Ready to go?

You’ve earned your time off. Just be sure to get your manager’s approval—as far in advance as possible—before taking vacation. When planning your getaway timing, remember to consider the needs of the business.

Don’t forget to enter your vacation time in Workday before you hit the road.

Get all the vacation details you could ever want.

Read the policy

Autodesk offers additional leaves of absence and time off benefits, such as maternity leave, personal leave, and sick time.

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