Help with your medical care

Health care can be tough enough to navigate when you’re dealing with sneezes and sniffles. For more complex health matters, call in the pros to get the support and guidance you need. Whether you need someone to walk you through a diagnosis or help with your medical plan, you’re sure to get on the right path to wellness.

Included Health

Included Health provides free medical support to you, your spouse or partner, and your children as well as your extended family members (siblings, parents, grandparents, parents-in-law, and siblings-in-law). Here’s what you can expect:

  • Medical guidance from licensed physicians
  • Assistance finding an in-network doctor
  • Appointment booking
  • Personalized care plans and second opinions from experts specializing in your area of need
  • Guidance during hospital stays
  • No requirement to be enrolled in a medical plan through Autodesk


Medical support on the go

Get the Included Health app to track claims, communicate with your care team, review your records, and more.

Download the app


For questions about health care, get in touch with CareCounsel. They have a team of experienced health advocates who can help you choose a medical plan, understand your coverage, find a network provider, and guide you through the administrative process of insurance claims and billing issues. And if you have questions about Medicare, how and when to enroll, and whether your Autodesk benefits will be impacted, CareCounsel can help with that, too. CareCounsel is available at no cost to you—Autodesk pays 100% of the cost.


Feeling off? Get actionable, immediate health guidance with Buoy, an AI-powered symptom navigation tool provided by UnitedHealthcare.

With Buoy, you can:

  • Get health assistance anytime, anywhere. Buoy is always available—even at 2 a.m., from your couch.
  • Get personalized guidance. Self care or urgent care? Learn what makes the most sense based on your situation.
  • Get best-cost scenarios. Buoy will recommend network care options whenever possible.

Here's how it works:

  1. Explore your symptoms. Interact with the tool to assess what you’ve been experiencing.
  2. Get feedback. From causes to severity, get immediate clinical insights.
  3. Choose the best care option. The tool will guide you to the right service based on your conditions.

UHC members can find Buoy at UnitedHealthcare, under the Health Resources tab. You’ll have the option to create a profile so Buoy remembers your information the next time you visit. Not a UHC member? Not a problem. You’re also welcome to visit anytime by going directly to Buoy.