Business travel benefits

Even when you’re hundreds of miles away from home, you have 24/7 access to a selection of support services. Whether you come down with a bug, get into a car accident, or lose your luggage, our business travel insurance protects you and your family when your travel is paid by Autodesk.

What’s covered

Medical and security support

International SOS (ISOS) provides medical and security support before, during, and after your business trip. ISOS can refer you to providers and hospitals while traveling, coordinate medical claims with Cigna, provide information on immunizations, and more.

Business travel accident insurance

Cigna provides coverage if you travel outside the United States for business. If you’re traveling on business, contact ISOS for a medical referral.

Life and accidental dismemberment coverage

You automatically receive coverage of up to 2.5 times your annual salary (up to certain maximums) through National Union Fire Insurance while traveling on business.

Help filing a claim for lost luggage

View the lost luggage policy.

More information is on the Business Travel Insurance page on Autodesk One.

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