Wouldn’t it be nice to have extra time away to do the things you really enjoy? Well, you’ve got it. Autodesk’s sabbatical program is designed to give you extended time away from work, so you can return to work not only refreshed but also excited about new ideas and ready to tackle new challenges.

How it works

If you’re a regular US employee scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week, the sabbatical program gives you the opportunity to take paid time off after every four years of service. You can take six consecutive weeks of leave—the time must be taken all at once—and receive 100% of your current pay and benefits.

If you haven’t started your sabbatical by the time you become eligible for the next sabbatical, you’ll only be eligible for the latter sabbatical. In other words, sabbaticals don’t stack up, so be sure to plan accordingly.

You will be missed

Help your team prepare for your absence, and get your manager’s approval for your dates well in advance. After your manager gives the green light and before you sign off for six weeks, enter your sabbatical dates in Workday using the Request Absence feature.

If a company holiday occurs while you’re on sabbatical, you may extend your sabbatical by that number of days. That’s another day or two to send postcards to your teammates.

All the details are in the sabbatical policy.