Neurodiversity and parenting support

Navigating the unique challenges of neurodiversity—whether you’re neurodivergent yourself or you have a neurodivergent child or team member—may feel overwhelming at times. Through RethinkCare, you can get the holistic support you need to be your best self at home and at work.

What you get

Neurodiversity includes the invisible differences in the ways we think and behave. This might include differences in speech and action in our day-to-day lives or a diagnosed challenge such as ADHD or autism spectrum disorder.

When you enroll in RethinkCare, you and your family will instantly have access to these helpful resources—all at no cost:

  • The RethinkCare platform and mobile app. Select from thousands of training courses and resources focused on managing your and your family’s well-being, advancing your career, and supporting neurodiversity in your home and workplace.
  • Parenting expert consultations. Meet virtually with a parenting expert who works with you to meet your family’s specific needs, such as learning and developmental challenges, collaborating more effectively with school, and addressing challenging behaviors in the home. Keep in mind that RethinkCare can support all parents—not just those with neurodivergent children—in a wide range of matters, like dealing with behavioral challenges, establishing bedtime routines, and promoting successful study habits.
  • Workplace neurodiversity expert consultations. Meet virtually with a neurodiversity expert who offers guidance in areas like staying organized, maintaining focus, managing time, regulating emotions, and understanding and advocating for workplace support, regardless of neurodivergence. RethinkCare can also give you the tools you need to work more effectively with neurodivergent colleagues, whether you’re their manager or their peer.

To learn more about RethinkCare, review the FAQ.

Connect with a community

The Autodesk MIND (Mental Inclusion, Neurodivergence, and Disability) Network serves employees with neurodivergence and disabilities of all kinds. The group offers resources, support, and advocacy to those within the MIND community, as well as education to those outside of the community.

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