Disability insurance

No one plans to get sick or injured, but misfortune can strike at any moment. Pleasant thought, huh? Well, here’s the good news: Autodesk offers short-term disability pay and long-term disability insurance to help provide financial peace of mind if you can’t work due to an illness or injury. Even better, you automatically receive short-term disability at no cost to you.

Short-term disability (STD)

Autodesk provides STD pay at no cost to you, and coverage is effective immediately upon your hire date.

If you need to miss work for more than seven consecutive calendar days, you must contact The Larkin Company to apply for a leave of absence. Autodesk STD benefits supplement any applicable state disability benefits, allowing you to receive up to 100% of your base salary for up to 90 calendar days.

Long-term disability (LTD)

LTD typically begins when STD coverage ends. If you’re disabled for more than 90 days and your LTD application is approved, you’ll receive 66.67% of your monthly earnings up to a maximum benefit of $20,000 per month.

The actual amount of your LTD benefit is based on your monthly salary on the day before your disability date. If you’re on a sales plan, your earnings are based on your base salary plus target commissions and sales bonuses.

Cost for coverage

LTD premiums are paid by Autodesk, but they’re considered taxable imputed income and they’ll be included on your pay statements and W-2. View the Benefits Guide for more information about imputed income. You can view the premium costs in Workday.