Family support

What you need to know

Having a family can provide endless amounts of joy. And a fair number of challenges. Wherever you are on the family spectrum—from trying to start a family to taking care of your elderly parents—you’ll find plenty of support to help you along the way.

Money for making a family

Through the Make a Family program, you can get up to $10,000 per calendar year for adoption, IVF or comaternity, surrogacy, and egg or sperm freezing services (infertility treatments are not eligible). Once you submit your documentation to HealthEquity WageWorks, you’ll receive your reimbursement, minus applicable fees, in your paycheck.


Want more details? Filing a claim? Review the Make a Family program overview.

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Fertility benefits

All Autodesk medical plans provide some level of coverage for infertility-related services. If you’d like to learn more about the services covered under your plan, review the summary plan description for your medical plan. For some extra help, reach out to CareCounsel at 1-888-227-3334, or start a chat through the CareCounsel website.

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Dependent care flexible spending account (FSA)

Save money for eligible dependent care expenses by contributing pretax dollars to the dependent care FSA.

Due to the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA), signed into law on December 27, 2020, if you were enrolled in the dependent care FSA prior to January 31, 2020, you can submit reimbursements for expenses for children up to age 14 (previously only children up to age 13 were eligible). Expenses can also be used for any other person, of any age, who is incapable of caring for him or herself and can be claimed as a dependent on your federal tax return.

Typically, you can only enroll in or make changes to the dependent care FSA during open enrollment or if you have a qualifying life event. But due to the CAA, you can make changes to your current FSA enrollments, enroll in an FSA, or stop your enrollment at any time. All enrollment changes are prospective and can be made in Workday. If you have already submitted for reimbursement this calendar year, you may not adjust your contribution amount to be lower than what you have already been reimbursed for.

Make convenient paycheck contributions. The money comes out of your paycheck before taxes, so you owe less to the IRS and your state.

Contribute up to $5,000 combined between you and your spouse in 2022.

Use for lots of eligible expenses, including day care facilities, in-home babysitting, day camp, after-school care, and practical nursing care for an adult.

Submit claims by the deadline. The deadline to submit for reimbursement of 2021 expenses is March 31, 2022.

View your current FSA elections and make changes in Workday.

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Get help from Autodesk

Autodesk subsidizes 30% of your dependent care FSA election if your household adjusted gross income is less than $175,000. To take advantage of the subsidy, just follow the instructions when you enroll in the FSA and complete the Certification for Company Contribution.

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Bonding time with your bundle of joy

Autodesk offers a variety of leave options, so you can take time to bond with your new addition.

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Caregiving support

If you care for a child with special needs or an adult or elderly loved one, CareTribe can connect you with experts who can help. CareTribe focuses on making the caregiving journey less stressful and more effective for both you and the care recipient. Whether you’re dealing with a one-time event or planning for longer-term care for a loved one, CareTribe will help you sort through all your options and determine the best path to take.

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