Leaves of absence / other time off

Sometimes you need to be away from work for an extended period—to welcome a new family member, to take care of yourself or a loved one, or to take care of life. Autodesk has your back by offering several types of leave.

Taking a leave of absence

Get your questions answered. Leaves can be complicated, but you don’t have to figure things out on your own. The experts at The Larkin Company, our leave administrator, are available to explain how everything works.
Plan ahead, when possible. Talk with your manager and discuss your need for time away well in advance of your absence.
Apply for leave. Get approval from your manager, when applicable. Then contact The Larkin Company to initiate your leave of absence.

The Larkin Company can be reached at 1-866-923-3336 or via email.

Leaves of absence

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the most frequently requested leaves offered by Autodesk. For full details about eligibility, pay while on leave, and other types of leave available to you, review the leave of absence policy.

Medical leave

Maternity (pregnancy disability) leave

Parental leave

Family leave

Military leave

Personal leave

Other time off

Sick time


Jury duty

Hardship leave

For detailed information, review the leave of absence policy.

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