Leaves of absence / other time off

Sometimes you need more time off than usual. Autodesk provides several types of leave to accommodate your needs. You should notify your manager and contact our leave administrator as far in advance as possible.

Applying for leave

Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to plan your leave and give your manager a heads-up well in advance.

Leaves can be complicated, so if you’re considering taking a leave and you have questions, contact our leave administrator, The Larkin Company, at 1-866-923-3336 or send them an email. They can explain how everything works.

Details about eligibility and other information are in the leave of absence policy.

Leaves of absence / other time off

Medical leave

Maternity (pregnancy disability) leave

Parental leave

Family leave

Military leave

Emergency personnel leave

Personal leave

Sick time


Jury duty


For detailed information, review the leave of absence policy.

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