Discretionary time off (DTO) for salaried employees

Skydiving or floating on a lazy river? You decide what to do with your time off—and when you want to do it. If you’re an exempt employee (paid an annual salary and not eligible for overtime), you can take DTO whenever you need it.

Discretion—with permission

It’s your choice about when to use your time off, but you still need to get your manager’s approval—as far in advance as possible—before taking DTO. Your manager will consider the needs of your business unit, your work performance, and your ability to meet your work commitments and duties. There’s no annual maximum, but you should limit your DTO to a reasonable amount. Before scheduling your DTO, review the Leave of Absence policy to make sure your time away doesn’t qualify as a leave of absence.

DTO is not entered or tracked in Workday.


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Autodesk offers additional leaves of absence and time off benefits, such as maternity leave, personal leave, and sick time.

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